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Black Female Domination Story

Black Mistress - White Slave

  I've worked as a professional Mistress for the past three years, or just after I got out of college. I've always been very dominant, and being African-American, I found I could make a great living punishing men for a living. Especially white men! I guess it's that reverse racial stereotype thing that gets them off. Me? I just enjoy female domination role play so the color of someone's skin really doesn't enter into it, although I do use the racial slurs in my working vocabulary. It's what they pay me for most the time anyhow.
Last week I had a client who works as a sheriff in a small town in Georgia, a real redneck kind of place. Of course I had to give him a good dose of humiliation. He liked me to make him kneel and stick his face between my asscheeks, "Queening" is what he called it. So anyway, I told him things like "Get that pale white face up my beautiful black ass and TASTE me, slave!" or when I pulled down my panties and rubbed my pussy in his face I ordered him to "Lick that black sugar pussy, you white trash motherfucker!". Naughty I know, but it's all in good fun, right?
I ended the night by pulling down his pants, taking out his cock and sneering at him "You call this little thing a dick? No wonder white bitches love getting fucked by black men! I bet your skinny white wife would love to get it in the ass from one of my black brothers!". He really got off on that idea, and when I roughly fingered his asshole as I verbally humiliated him, telling him I was going to "Fuck him like some little Georgia trailer park whore", he cried out and shot his load all over my hand.
Yep, I love playing the dominant, and like I said, a lot of white men love being under the heel of a hot black bitch Mistress!


Mistress Kyra

Posted: Friday 18th May 2007, 2:14 PM

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